The Quid

The Quid


Very often, you find yourself out of cash in between your subsequent paydays. Not knowing what to do, you may approach your friends for borrowing money from them. If they cannot help too, you reach your boss for some advance. But the boss is not too helpful. Plus asking advance each month or borrowing money from friends very often may reduce your reputation. Another better way is to approach the online money lenders for cash advance loans.

These advance loans are similar to the ones you take from your office. When you take advance from your office, the advance is deducted from your next month’s paycheck. Similarly, this cash loans from the online money lenders is also deducted from your next paycheck. The only difference is that you will not hear a “no” from the money lenders. The loan application rejection rate is almost zero at such money lenders.

Cash advance loans are helpful when you suddenly need money in mid of the month. Instead of wasting time running around your friends and boss, you can sit back and log on to the internet to fill up a simple FREE form. The form is available on the website of money lender. As soon as you submit the form, your loan is into processing and once the information you offered in the application form is verified the money is transferred to your account. You need not go to the money lender’s office to take the cash loan.

www.The Quid

www.The Quid


In your emergencies you should get such a loan which does not bother about the time and puts its effort in delivering you fast money. In fact, though it is quite rare but such loans are there in the loan market. Earlier on it was tough to find such a loan out. Such helpful loans are known as the fast cash loans and people getting it are finding a good source to get easy and fast money.

You will get several reasons to approach it. Firstly, these loans are delivered to all. It is possible because there is no credit check in these loans and borrowers are not being checked on grounds of their credit records. All kind of credit records are allowed to go for these loans and wastage of time therefore, does not get to take place. So, the allowed records are:

o arrears,
o CCJs,
o late payment,
o defaults,
o skipping of installments or
o bankruptcy

Secondly, these loans take quite a little time. You will assuredly, be able to grab the loan amount within 24 hours.

Thirdly, these loans offer a very good amount and it will prove to be quite helpful in affording certain things and paying for other financial issues. It generally offers £100 to £1500 and the repayment term is 14 to 31 days. So, these loans will be perfect for paying electricity bills, medical bills, child’s examination fees, home installments or loan installments.


There’s no doubt about it, those pay day loans keep bodies and souls together. How can the average Joe survive without these?

Surviving without Pay Day Loans

Some may be able to cope without small loans but a majority needs these loans to survive. With companies slashing working hours and terminating some benefits just to keep people employed, there will always be a rush for small quick loans.

But people are getting smart, they don’t get loans for pretty things, they get loans because they need keep a roof over their head and to put food on the table. They want to fix the radiator, heater, or repair a leaking roof. If there were no small loans, people will have to live with busted radiator or leaking roof. This is a miserable existence but those pay day loans can make life bearable if you manage your loan well.

Here are more grim scenarios if these loans did not exist – you don’t go to the doctor if your sinuses are acting up; you can’t buy your prescription medicines when these run out or you cannot go to work because you used up the budget for an emergency. Of course living on paychecks can’t give you the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but you deserve a decent life, after all, you are working yourself to the bone.

So when the rent is due but the money has to be used for an emergency, these pay day loans come in handy. But what if these loans are not available? Off to the loan shark you go or to a bank that will scrutinize your finances. If there is an emergency, you’re dead. You’ll have to wait days for the money you need in the next hour.


It is an unfortunate fact that raising funds for any business is harder than ever. A Merchant Advance is no different. Bank based merchant cash advance funding sources have disappeared faster than any experts could have predicted.

You need to know how to increase your chances of getting a Merchant Advance if you need cash for your business. If you haven’t applied for merchant cash before, you don’t have a clue what I am talking about. If you have had a Merchant Advance and paid it back, you need to know the rules have changed.

A Merchant Advance is not a loan. It is an advance. This may sound like semantic nit picking but it is important to understand. The major difference is loans are regulated by the banking regulators (for the most part). A merchant cash advance is unregulated. There are NO Usury Laws that apply.

That’s the good news and the bad news. The good news is private investors or institutional Merchant Advance funding companies can … and do … take more risks than banks. The bad news is Merchant Cash is expensive money.

A merchant cash advance is structured to allow funders to “buy” a portion of your future projected Visa & Master Card sales at a discount. The funding source analyzes your business’ past credit card sales. Then they assess your ability to pay the Advance funds back over a period that usually ranges from four months to one year. If you are pre-approved, the Merchant Advance funder sends you a “Term Sheet” with an offer and a list of terms.